There are one of three ways that a person can join Rice:

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                       By baptism
You can turn to Jesus Christ as your only hope of forgiveness and heaven, repenting of your sin. The next step is to be baptized by immersion (going all the way under the water as a public declaration of your new life in Christ).

                       By letter. 
You can join Rice by transferring your church letter from another Southern Baptist Church.

                    By statement.  
If you made the choice to become a follower of Christ and to seek God’s forgiveness from another denomination and were baptized by immersion as a picture of this change in your life, you can join Rice by statement.

Everyone Jesus ever called; He called them publicly. We ask that when you wish to join Rice, that you respond to the public invitation at the conclusion of the Sunday message. The pastor will then walk you through the process.

We also ask each new or prospective member to join the pastor in a “Pastor’s class” which meets quarterly during our Connect Class hour (9:00 A.M.) in room 107. We have these classes once quarterly. Watch for our announcement in our bulletin and on our screen for the next class.

If you are interested in becoming a Member of Rice, let us know by filling out the form below.